There is strong interest in creating a social learning culture where employees are empowered to share the expertise they have acquired during their daily work, yet there is very little guidance on how to actually do it. You need to know where to start, the requirements for a successful launch, and best practices, but real hands-on, descriptive guidance is missing. In this session you will learn from someone who has a proven record and experience gained over the last four years running Microsoft’s Academy, a social-learning initiative consisting of a “YouTube of the Enterprise” with 100,000 downloads per month. It is where 70,000 employees generate more than 10,000 pieces of content per year to share with their peers. Microsoft’s average cost savings per year are $17 million, and this is growing year on year as the Academy becomes pervasive around Microsoft globally. The Academy is the largest social learning program in North America.

Participants in this session will learn how to incorporate social media for learning and knowledge dissemination within an organization, how to successfully launch an employee-based learning culture and program, and tips, tricks, and examples based on real experience.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Practical guidance to initiate an employee-generated learning culture
  • The steps needed for a successful launch
  • The business case for creating an employee-generated learning culture
  • The benefits, such as a more nimble organization, better connected workforce, and talent discovery

Audience: Intermediate participants should be generally familiar with traditional forms of learning and what social learning is.