Many organizations use QR Codes when they market to their customers, but few are using them in learning. QR Codes are simple solutions implementable at little or no cost to an organization that work with devices that employees are already using.

Participants in this session will look at the lessons learned from marketing’s use of QR Codes to promote products, sales, and information. Now, learning professionals can create low-cost just-in-time learning solutions. During this session you will see more than 20 examples of where you can use QR Codes in “traditional” learning.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What QR Codes are and how to generate them using free or low-cost websites
  • How marketing is using QR Codes with customers
  • What the appropriate content for QR Codes is
  • The cultural considerations needed before implementing a solution using QR Codes
  • The various learning solutions that use QR Codes
  • How you can use QR Codes as performance-support resources

Audience: Novice participants who use a smartphone.