In small eLearning organizations, Flash development can be complicated and costly: the software is pricey, and learning to use it is expensive and time-consuming. On larger teams, where software and know-how aren't the issue, limited resources and greater priorities can delay even simple projects. If only a less complicated, less expensive alternative existed. Actually, a faster, cheaper alternative does exist. SWiSH Max is a very accessible tool for both small and large development teams. It's affordable and relatively easy to use, but other than some online tutorials and communities of practice, user support is lean.

Participants in this case-study session, based on a recently completed project, will walk through creating and testing a short Flash animation lesson using SWiSH Max. It will incorporate instructional design principles and showcase some of the software's capabilities.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What SWiSH Max software and functionality is
  • The SWiSH Max Interface orientation
  • Rapid eLearning development principles in practice
  • How to design and develop a lesson using SWiSH Max

Audience: Novice-to-Intermediate participants. This session targets non-developers, so it requires no specific knowledge of authoring software, but some experience designing eLearning will be very helpful.