Analysis of data from the first cycle of an iPad-lending program for faculty at the University of Cincinnati brought an interesting disconnection into sharp relief. A post-lending survey asked participating faculty to assess the educational value of the iPad. One hundred percent of participants ranked the iPad as “valuable” or “somewhat valuable.” However, when asked about the percentage of their teaching activities during the loan period that actually incorporated the iPad, 100% of participants responded by selecting “few or none.” So, while many can appreciate the iPad’s potential for transforming learning, few have managed to manifest that vision.

In this session, participants will learn specific strategies for moving beyond simple use of the iPad as the newest instructional delivery “gadget.” You’ll learn specific, practical ideas for activities that leverage the unique strengths of the iPad to innovate and transform instruction. In addition, you’ll get the enterprise programs and practices that encourage learning professionals to employ the iPad in pedagogically appropriate ways.

In this session, you will learn:
  • How to identify real-world learning applications of the iPad
  • How to distinguish common practices from best practices and work toward implementing them
  • Strategies for identifying useful iPad apps
  • How to manage applications on multiple iPad devices through a single iTunes account
Audience: Intermediate designers, developers, managers,and others with some basic knowledge about the emerging tablet computer market and the place the Apple iPad currently occupies in that market.