Organizations face compressed budgets, staff with more duties, and the constant of doing more with less. To address these challenges, corporate training and educational efforts require creativity and innovation. Those responsible for the professional development of internal or external customers have an obligation to provide high-quality educational experiences for the learners. The blending of traditional and alternative delivery, along with social networking, can provide practical ways of meeting organizational goals.

Participants in this session will get practical options to build robust learning environments. You’ll see examples of high-performing organizations that use blended instructional modalities and social media tools to improve employee performance.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to use the appropriate social media tools for collaborative learning, such as Google+ and Facebook
  • The successful blended programs of high-performing organizations that resulted in performance improvement
  • Key talking points to sell the use of social learning to upper management
  • How to make learning meaningful and fun on a small budget
Audience: Intermediate designers, developers, human resource personnel, or other learning professionals charged with creating a high-performing learning environment, and who have a working knowledge of social media.