The only constant you can rely on with technology is the acceleration of its changes. With new research and development yielding one revolutionary solution after another, it becomes a bigger and bigger challenge to handicap the trends and pick winners. Aaron Silvers of Problem Solutions, in his work with Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL), has a unique perspective that spans multiple industries, government, and academic institutions. In this session he will share his trendspotting and the innovations, tools, and indicators that inform his insight. If you’re planning operationally or strategically for your organization for the next six months to six years, you will want to be part of this session. We strongly encourage devices! Record, take pictures, tweet, and ask questions!

In this session, you’ll get an overview of emerging R&D in Web services for tracking performance related to competencies, semantic technologies, analytics engines, intelligent tutors, personal learning assistants, and more. You’ll learn how these technologies will disrupt legacy approaches to training and development in support of shifts towards social business and knowledge exchange. You’ll discover tools and technologies you likely haven’t heard of before, and you’ll connect with new sources to help you identify more “next big things.”

In this session, you will learn:
  • About Web services for tracking performance in several disciplines
  • How these technologies will disrupt legacy approaches to training and development
  • Tools and technologies that you haven’t heard of before
  • New sources to help you discover more “next big things”
Audience: Intermediate and advanced designers, developers, managers, executives, and others.