With a job market still in flux, many instructional designers have found themselves taking contract work to make ends meet. In some cases, contracting or consulting is seen as a welcome change from traditional employment. In others, it's a confusing, potentially overwhelming transition full of painful and costly lessons. This session will address your individual readiness for making such a transition and discuss tools, resources, and strategies to make it easier.

Participants in this session will get 12 lessons learned over the course of a year (in a month by month fashion) with helpful tips and resources. You’ll get answers to many fundamental questions frequently asked by new consultants such as, “How do I know when the time is right for me to go independent?” “How do I scope projects?” “How do I get new clients?” You’ll do a self-assessment to help you determine your professional readiness for going independent, and get access to a link library full of resources and strategies for new consultants.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to assess your readiness for taking the leap from traditional employment to independent consulting
  • How to equip yourself for a successful transition to independence
  • How to determine appropriate rate and payment structures for your services
  • Strategies for coping with difficult clients
  • Ways to maintain a positive work/life balance
Audience: Intermediate level, currently employed, experienced instructional designers or developers exploring the possibility of taking the leap from traditional employment to independent consulting.