Everyone wants their training to be as addictive as Angry Birds or Farmville, but it is always a challenge to create training that is memorable and motivational. Games influence the behavior of the learners in an engaging way by providing challenges and rewards. This session will demonstrate a REAL-LIFE example of implementing gaming into a corporate culture, and the challenges and rewards of this new learning delivery strategy. It offers a real-life example of how gaming revolutionized the way that SAP provides product/sales training. It is a great story, and will provide lots of tips and tricks for those who have never created a learning game before.

Participants in this case-study session will learn how SAP's Value University created their first multi-level, multi-player mobile game to teach their sales people how to sell a new product. You’ll learn how they developed the game using their Instructional Design model process, the challenges they encountered, and the lessons they learned. They built the game internally, learning as they went, with no prior knowledge of how to build a game, and only outsourced the programming.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to go about writing your first game as an instructional designer
  • The challenges of building a game
  • Game dynamics that satisfy learner's desires and make it addicting
  • Integrating gaming into your stuffy corporate culture
Audience: Intermediate designers, developers, team leaders, managers, and others interested in implementing games into their processes.