When we asked more than a thousand workplace learning professionals about what they use eLearning to accomplish, their responses were conventional. New products. Idea sharing. Policies and procedures. What of soft skills? What of passion for the work? Not so much, they responded. We know we can do more with technology. If you serve mechanics, new mothers, drivers, sailors, sales people, nurses, and auditors, you want to use these powerful resources to boost performance. What would it look like? Who is doing it? Where are the sweet spots in work and in life?

Participants in this session will learn what we mean by “performance boosters.” You’ll learn how to recognize opportunities in work and in life to boost performance. You’ll see examples in practice ranging from baseball to furniture sales. You’ll learn to recognize performance boosting opportunities in your own life and work.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What performance boosters are
  • How to identify performance-boosting opportunities in work and life
  • Five strategies most useful for boosting performance in work and life
  • Why we should be humble, very humble, as we attempt to take advantage of these performance boosters
Audience: Novice and intermediate designers, developers, team leaders, managers, executives, and others interested in boosting performance.