Have you ever delivered a proposed solution, only to find that no one really understood how it would impact the business? You felt passionate about the feature or benefit that would be delivered and understood the problem, but your proposal did not generate enough excitement to justify the investment. This doesn’t need to happen. You can avoid wasted time, resources, energy with process, framework, and methods.

In this session you will learn how to leverage research, including gathering data and understanding the core audience, and deploy storytelling, along with time management and project management skills, to create proposals that justify investment in training and learning technologies. We will use a storytelling framework that puts the decision-maker front and center as the hero. Your pitch will become less about you and the technology—and more focused on how the investment will impact the success of the organization. We will use 2×2’s (Eisenhower boxes), looping processes, and other tools to support critical thinking, ensure alignment, and improve our success. We will not only discuss these concepts, you will learn how to put them into practice in your businesses.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to use a 2×2 to determine your strategy when addressing known/unknown problems and known/unknown solutions
  • How to use a story framework to engage in your internal customer’s story
  • How to use a story and project management concepts to call folks to action
  • Why it is important to realize your customer is the hero—not you