Advice abounds on how to set up an effective profile in social media platforms from LinkedIn to Twitter to Facebook and more. But what happens once you have a presence? To grow and succeed as a learning leader, it’s essential to use social platforms and other media to effectively build your network and position yourself as a thought leader in your areas of expertise. 

In this session facilitated by Mark Britz, learning leaders share tips and strategies they've used to build their leadership network and brand. In a round robin-style showcase, speakers will describe how they have created and shared content that positioned them as thought leaders, as well as other approaches and best practices for strengthening their leadership skills and networks. 

In this session, you will learn: 

  • How to shape and sharpen your leadership brand, on social media and elsewhere 
  • Why sharing thought leadership and original content is important—and how to get started 
  • Tips for building a high-level leadership network, within and beyond your specific industry or areas of focus 


All Contributors

Jane Bozarth

Director of Research, The Learning Guild

Mark Britz

Director of Learning Events, The Learning Guild

Phoenix Cavalier

Learning Strategist, Speaker, Author, Founder, Verus Learning

Betty Dannewitz

Immersive Experience Designer, Ifyouaskbetty