This session offers an overview of recent Guild research, provided by the authors. Megan Torrance, CEO and founder of TorranceLearning, will review the current state of xAPI adoption, including its affordances, limitations, and challenges. Jane Bozarth, director of research for The Learning Guild, will recap the findings of our recent LMS survey: What are organizations using, what do they still need, and what advice do they have for others? And Hadiyah Nuriddin, author of Story Training, will discuss research-based considerations for using storytelling/narrative as part of our practice. All three components of the session will include discussion of takeaways and actionable tips.


All Contributors

Jane Bozarth

Director of Research, The Learning Guild

Hadiya Nuriddin

Owner and Learning Strategist, Duets Learning

Megan Torrance

CEO, TorranceLearning