While COVID has brought new areas of opportunity in the digital world, it has unfortunately taken away some of the irreplaceable benefits of in-person learning and experiences. To adapt with safety measures, AR & VR offer the next best thing to experiencing a location in real life. In this session, learn how AR & VR can be utilized in Storyline to give a fully immersive tour where the learners can guide themselves safely around an area and learn more at their own pace with full control of their "surroundings.”

This session will walk participants through the 360 camera needed to create a virtual tour, how a 360 camera functions, and how to take photos. We will have a 360 camera to demo and provide suggestions on purchasing a camera. We will teach participants how to import the 360 photos, create multiple slides, and create hotspots when building a tour. After creating a simple tour, we will add graphics and videos within the 360 tours for educational purposes. Participants will come away knowing what equipment is needed, how 360 photos are taken, how to create a virtual tour, and how to add educational media within the project. They will see why this is a great solution to address a multitude of learning issues that are prevalent in today's world. They will be able to return to their places of work confident in how to use these skills to benefit their organization and how to demonstrate to others this technology.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why VR is important and how this technology can benefit your organization
  • What equipment and software is required (prices, etc.)
  • How to set up for capturing 360 photos
  • How to import the 360 photos into Storyline
  • How to use triggers in Storyline to create a virtual tour
  • How to add instructional elements (videos, photos, links) within the virtual tour

Technology discussed:

Windows OS, Storyline 360/3, 360 cameras, Photoshop

Participant technology requirements:

Laptop and Storyline 3 or 360 loaded if attendee wants to follow along and build a demo