The communication between the client (stakeholder and/or SME) and designer to create a gamified course can be challenging. Gamification is evolving and the request to gamify a course, program, or beyond can mean different things to different people. The client is often unaware of the time necessary to bring their idea to fruition. What if there was a way, at the start of the process, to provide a more realistic idea of the costs, options, and time required to bring the vision to life?

In this session, you'll learn how to effectively determine the goals of the project, inform stakeholders of gamification options, possible solutions, and communicate the associated costs to create the course or program. The key to success is having the stakeholders experience gamification elements through a gamified intake process. This is accomplished through creating a virtual shopping experience. Starting with a list of elements desired, the stakeholders will use their list to pick and choose items from the store shelves and then "checkout" of the store. As the cart is filled with items, the stakeholders can comparison shop, make budget and time decisions, and test various elements. Most people have experienced online shopping so by creating a relatable, realistic, intuitive experience, this facilitates a collaborative creative process by fostering effective communication while minimizing unnecessary revisions and expense. You'll leave this session with a new appreciation for gamification strategy and practical means to accomplish your goals.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to effectively apply gamification methods and strategy
  • How effectively communicate this strategy to stakeholders and all involved on the project
  • How to efficiently gather project details through a gamified strategy
  • How to seamlessly communicate the associated costs of the project to the project team
  • What it takes to create a solution that meets the needs and expectations of the project team
  • How to design an engaging intake experience

Technology discussed:

Storyline, Genially, Vyond, Camtasia, Tolstoy, Storyboader