Marketing and customer success pros have long employed playbooks to deliver exemplar results. From the moment their customers inquire about a product or service through each touchpoint of the service, these marketing playbooks serve to create a deliberate, thoughtful brand experience. It's time that L&D pros take a cue from marketing strategies and adopt similar playbooks tailored for the L&D function. Not only do playbooks help the L&D function create its own brand aligned to the organization's brand, they also allow L&D to flex solutions and integrate new technologies without creating negative learner experiences. 

In this session, you will learn about learner experience playbooks, including what they are and how they can benefit your learners and your organization. The session kicks off with an overview of learner experience playbook elements (including an organization's learner personas), the narrative of the broader learner journey, business outcomes, key learner touchpoints, learner environment, and standards of measurement and feedback. Next, we'll explore the benefits of learner experience playbooks, including  setting the stage for human-centered design, identifying what good looks like, solving specific challenges, driving higher engagement, aligning with the moments of learning needs, and measuring success. Then we'll examine strategies executing on a learner experience playbook and aligning it to existing L&D frameworks. If done right, a learner experience playbook showcases a strategy for integrating L&D's core function into the worker's life, the work itself, as well as the work environment and flex with the continuous evolution of those. We'll wrap up the session with more discussion and audience input in incorporating learner experience playbooks, best practices, tips, and tricks.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the elements of a learner experience playbook
  • About the benefits of a playbook and the role playbooks can play in crafting and delivering a human-centric learning brand and culture
  • About ways to make playbook approaches strategically actionable through L&D framework alignment and workforce transformation
  • About strategies used to measure learner experience

Technology discussed:, Mural