You've decided to explore using virtual reality (VR) training for your organization. You've heard that 360 video is the fastest, easiest way to get your feet wet. But, where do your start? What equipment will you need? How much will it cost? Can you start small and then build your toolkit after you've proven that VR will benefit your stakeholders? And once you've invested in equipment, what is the best way to put it to use? Where should you place the camera, microphones, and lighting? How does shooting and producing 360 video differ from traditional video used in training?

In this session, you'll learn about the equipment needed to shoot and produce quality 360 video for use in virtual reality training projects. You'll see what items are an absolute necessity, what items can make your videos even better, and what items can be put on your wish list as you work in this medium and improve your skills over time. I will demonstrate the items I chose for my 360 video toolkit and why I picked them. I'll be highlighting tools used both in the field and in the production studio. I'll then show an example of a 360 video "shoot" and demonstrate the whys and hows of setting up the shots to get the best possible results. I'll cover camera setup and placement, the use of primary and secondary microphones, additional lighting if needed, along with other production tips and tricks I've learned along the way. I'll then talk about the software used to produce the raw footage and wrap up reviewing the final product.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The equipment that's a must to get started
  • The items that will enhance your production quality
  • Pre-production techniques that will save you time in the field
  • Proper equipment setup and placement
  • The steps required to process raw media
  • How to put all the pieces together to produce your completed VR project

Technology discussed:

GoPro MAX 360 camera, wireless microphones and secondary audio recorder, LED lighting, tripods and other mounting devices, cases and travel equipment, clapboard, CenarioVR, Vegas Pro, Handbrake, GoPro Player