BYOD: xAPI Made Easier with Quick Code Snippets

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DevLearn 2021 Conference & Expo - October 22, 2021

Jeff Batt

DevLearn Program Manager
The Learning Guild / Learning Dojo

xAPI has been around for a while, but are you using it within your organization? xAPI allows you to get more learner behavior than SCORM ever could. Not only can you track basic completion of the course, but you can track completion of videos and single interactions and learner engagement in it, as well. So how do you get started? How do you start sending data over to your own LRS and ensure that you are sending over the right data that your organization needs to get the most out of xAPI data? Do you need to be a full web developer to understand how to send the data?

In this BYOD session, you'll get easy-to-use code snippets that will make using xAPI a whole lot easier than trying to do it all from scratch. You'll learn how to create a simple statement using code snippets and then add those code snippets to most authoring tools like Storyline and Captivate. You'll then learn how to trigger over different statements to track other learning behavior points and even how to review that data within your LRS. These code snippets are free, easy to use, and will help you start using xAPI within your organization to get deeper insights into how your learners interact with your learning content.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to install xAPI tracking on your course
  • How to generate xAPI statements during the course
  • How to get to and read your xAPI statements in an LRS
  • How to use this code on most authoring tools

Technology discussed in this session:

Storyline or Captivate, Visual Studio Code, code generator website

Participant technology requirements:

Laptop with Visual Studio Code installed


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