Catch More SMEs With Honey: Sweet Ideas & Tools for Project Success

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DevLearn 2019 Conference - October 25, 2019

Deanna Fischer

Director of Learning Design
Fischer MicroTech

Anyone who manages a learning project understands how critical it is to have SMEs who are interested and involved. Unfortunately, sometimes we have the exact opposite with SMEs that are dazed, distracted, or unresponsive. This makes it difficult to get the information and feedback you need to move you projects forward.

If you’re struggling with your SME partnerships, there are strategies for how you can catch more helpful SMEs and also sweeten the deal for them with reliable project management tools, tips, and tricks. In this session, you’ll identify the qualities needed for an ideal SME so you can find great partners . Once you've caught that ideal SME you’ll look at ways to strengthen your partnership through a solid project management process; facilitating a thoughtful and impactful project kick-off meeting, using the best tools to work together, and by taking a transparent and kind approach in your work with them.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What qualities to look for in your ideal SMEs
  • How to set the right tone for your project by leading a thoughtful and thorough project kick-off meeting
  • About tools and templates to assist with project planning, file sharing, hosting virtual meetings, and requesting and sharing feedback with SMEs
  • How to use a "sweeter" approach when working with SMEs by being transparent, being thoughtful in your communication methods, and using creative ways to thank them and to give them credit for the great work they do


Designers, developers, managers, anyone working with SMEs and managing learning projects

Technology discussed:

AnyMeeting, UberConference, Adobe XD, WeTransfer, RapidShare, HighTail, FreedCamp, Trello, Smart Draw, Microsoft Office Timeline


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