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Realities360 2019 Conference - June 26, 2019

Lindsay O’Neill

California State University–Fullerton

Virtual reality (VR) learning experiences are dramatically increasing in popularity. But how do you get started building VR? What if you have a low budget, or no budget at all? The cost of new technology and software, and the development time required, may thwart would-be VR developers. However, there are now several free software and media options that make it simpler and more affordable than ever to build VR.        

In this session you'll be introduced to several free, open source, and low-cost tools to build effective VR learning experiences. We'll cover best practices and common pitfalls of developing VR. You'll build an interactive VR experience from scratch using an open source tool and 360 images, and we'll talk about what's necessary to create your own 360 photos and 3-D-modeled worlds. You will leave this session well-equipped to build your own immersive VR learning experiences on a budget.

In this session, you will learn:

  • To identify the software and hardware necessary to build VR              
  • How to evaluate a variety of software to build VR learning experiences            
  • How to overcome common obstacles in VR development     
  • To develop a VR learning experience using open source software and 360 media


Designers, developers, managers

Technology discussed in this session:,,, 360 cameras (dual lens cameras)


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