101 What’s So Serious About Serious Games?

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Wednesday, May 18

Games can provide a credible, purposeful, and compelling opportunity for learning. Games provide players with engaging challenges that require skill development in order to achieve the game and learning objective.

In this session you will explore the taxonomy of serious games. You will examine categories of serious games, including games for training, games for health, and games for change. You will discuss the challenge of creating a serious game, including the requirement that the learning outcome must be tied to a game mechanic in a meaningful way.

Deborah Thomas


Silly Monkey

Deborah Thomas, the president of Silly Monkey, consults on game-based and traditional learning, mLearning, and eLearning. Among her many honors, Deborah received the 2011 Fun and Serious Games Award for Europe, the 2009 Dugan Laird Award, and the 2009 ASTD Atlanta E-Learning Excellence Award. She has contributed to several books, and has served in leadership roles for the Atlanta Chapter of the Georgia Game Developers Association, ASTD Atlanta, the Technology Association of Georgia Workplace Learning Society, and the North American Simulation and Gaming Association. Deborah earned a BA degree in journalism and education from the University of South Florida and holds numerous training certificates.

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