How to Quantify the ROI of Learning in Your Organization

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White papers - September 20, 2017

by Susan Jacobs and Nipun Sharma, with Dan Belhassen, Brent Boeckman, Jennifer Coles, Mika Kuikka, Frank Meister, Hurriyet Ok, Michael O’Reilly, and Craig St. George

Return on investment. For good reason, most firms today are concerned with it. Yet ROI is an elusive term. It may represent different things to different organizations, and is often difficult to measure and quantify. However, we can all agree that ROI is important. A firm grasp of this critical KPI can aid L&D leaders who are trying to secure funding or gain the attention of the C-suite.

In this paper, How to Quantify the ROI of Learning in Your Organization, Susan Jacobs and Nipun Sharma, with other L&D professionals representing a variety of verticals, share their perspectives on ROI. They discuss how their own organizations define ROI, illuminate the metrics and benchmarks they use to determine ROI, and weigh in on the role learning management systems can play in terms of ROI.

In this paper, you’ll learn why you should be paying close attention to ROI and get guidelines on how best to accomplish this goal.


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