How To Shoot Rich Cultural Training Videos on a Smartphone (A Guide)

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White papers - June 15, 2016

by Wisetail LMS

The value of creating rich, engaging cultural stories using video is often outweighed by the perceived time, expertise and outside resources needed to produce these videos. Especially in the L&D world, where video creation is one area where content creators and instructional designers don’t feel as comfortable giving it a shot.

In this guide, we will take you step-by-step through the proven Wisetail video production process from a filmmaking novice’s point of view. We’ll give you both the insight and techniques needed to tell your rich cultural stories using the tools (smartphone & laptop) already at your disposal. Download this guide and you’ll learn:

  1. The secret to telling a great story
  2. Pre-production & planning techniques
  3. Shooting tips & tricks
  4. Post-production & editing pointers


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