Video Role-Play: Perfecting Workplace Performance

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White papers - July 29, 2014

by Darik Volpa

We’ve heard it a million times, “practice makes perfect.” However, it can be difficult to provide both new and current employees with the adequate practice necessary to train for a new position or stay at the top of their game. In order to maximize the benefits of practice, many companies incorporate role-play into training programs. While traditional role-play is a valuable training tool, it has drawbacks that include travel and opportunity costs, limited participation, apprehensive learners, and inconsistent feedback.

 This white paper, brought to you by Rehearsal VRP, highlights the benefits of VIDEO role-play. Learn how video role-play can reduce costs, increase accessibility to training approaches, provide a platform through which employees can practice role-play scenarios safely and comfortably, and test learning transfer to on-the-job performance.


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