What if the only way to achieve your business needs was to design a hybrid ecosystem of onboarding for over one thousand new employees to be hired and trained in just a few weeks? The Delta Air Lines-AllenComm team rose to meet that challenge, brought on in the wake of the dramatic COVID downsizing and then rapid restaffing of Delta's Reservations workforce. The urgency included more than scalability: The project required a new hybrid design (WBT, ILT, on-the-job sessions, coaching, goal setting, self-study, practice games, self-evaluations, manager evaluations, toolkit builders, etc.) with a new structure and approach that reflected the new needs of forever-changed Delta customers and employees.

This eBook Covers:

  • Designing the employee onboarding experience to outperform business expectations
  • Personalizing the learning to empower employees
  • Onboarding on the job
  • Measuring results before & during the onboarding experience


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