Are you considering working with a custom content development shop to help frame your learning strategy, create a curriculum, convert existing training, or simply give you a hand? From a simple legacy course update, to a gamified VR experience, there are proven ways to ensure any outsourced learning project will achieve the results you want.

By downloading this ebook, you'll find out how L&D experts consistently achieve exceptional outcomes by following these seven proven best practices for success. Whether it's considering a new learning solution, best use of technology, or simply which data and metrics are most meaningful based on goals, we've got you covered.

Some highlights from this ebook include:

  • Components you should define within a needs analysis
  • Methodologies used to identify skill gaps
  • Systematic processes proven to work
  • How to pick the right talent for your project
  • Signs of a great vendor
  • And so much more!

Follow these 7 strategies to ensure a winning partnership.

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