Game-based Learning: Learning That's As Fun As It Is Effective

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Webinars - June 30, 2022

Alva Canals

Content Marketing Specialist

Julian Lorzeno

Account Executive

Laura Perdomo

Account Manager

Gamelearn has launched its annual "Contradictions of Corporate Training 2022" report. We surveyed more than 1,000 professionals from HR, L&D, and HR Consulting, contrasting their answers with those of employees. And we found some SERIOUS contradictions between the online training employees want vs. what they're getting.

According to our survey, over 60% of companies have increased their online training budget compared to last year. However, employees rated the online training programs they've received with an NPS of -29. In essence? The online training being delivered has not been engaging enough ... yet.

What kind of online training produces both the engagement employees need to learn and the results organizations need to grow? Here is where the contradictions end—all of the groups surveyed agreed that real-life simulations and gamification were some of the key elements needed in online training courses. One solution that offers both of these elements is training video games, or serious games, through Game-based Learning. We'll show you how we do this at Gamelearn.


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