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Webinars - April 20, 2022

Sameer Nigam

Managing Director
Stratbeans Consulting

Streamed live from Learning Solutions 2022 Conference & Expo

Content Engineering has been totally ignored in the LMS system. Content development teams struggle with Elearning source file version management and sharing between team members becomes a problem. Existing SCORM / Elearning are of large size due to overloaded multimedia, LMS admin and end users (loading time) bears the brunt of the bloated modules. So far LMS does not provide any support. Legacy SCORM / Elearning requires quick changes in the multimedia, in some of the cases the source file may not be present, or the time and cost cycle for getting the change is not viable. For simple content authoring, currently one needs to learn an authoring tool, one need not become a content developer, there should be a lowering of the bar.

Attendees will learn how LMS can be used as a content engineering tool with development, sharing, optimization and editing capabilities. These capabilities significantly decrease cost, and implementation time of any learning program, including:

  • Legacy SCORM multimedia files are edited without source files.
  • Large size SCORMs are easily compressed (3x - 10x) directly within the LMS
  • Elearning development teams can manage published Elearnings as well as source files (such as as .story, .cp, etc) with revision control.
  • Bytecasting LMS instance can be setup in under 5 minutes.
  • Inbuilt authoring is used by Subject Matter Experts (SME) and influencers without content authoring skills. And they can create different types of content: multimedia, assessment, Augmented Reality, etc.

Technology addressed:
Content Engineering Platform


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