How to Achieve 90%+ Learner Engagement with Collaborative Learning

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Webinars - April 20, 2022

Joseph Caparros

Collaborative Learning Specialist

Streamed live from Learning Solutions 2022 Conference & Expo

Right now, L&D teams around the world are facing a crisis of learning. We're all struggling to find the time to finish our to-do lists while balancing remote/hybrid work during uncertain times.Despite these challenges, people still want to learn and your experts still have knowledge to share.

We're on a mission to make it easy to ship and improve learning courses. Discover how forward-thinking L&D teams like yours can engage and inspire all your learners and drive course completion rates from an average of 20% to over 90%. Help your experts create and launch their first course in just 11 minutes instead of days/weeks!

Technology addressed: 360Learning Collaborative Learning LMS Platform


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