6 Times Async Video Can Increase Training Productivity

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Webinars - April 14, 2022

Chris Knowlton

Chief Video Evangelist

Video conferencing continues to fuel remote training, but is it really the best tool to use for all of your learning and development needs? Distributed teams require information in the flow of work, and repeated live training has put significant pressure on team schedules and bandwidth.

In this webinar, we share six actionable ideas for using asynchronous (on-demand) video to improve training productivity and effectiveness – and explore three times when you should stick to synchronous methods.

You will learn:

  • What asynchronous training is and why more L&D teams are using it to improve learning outcomes
  • Which types of training are best delivered asynchronously and how to plan and produce them
  • The three times synchronous training methods work better and why
  • Examples and learnings from organizations that have adopted asynchronous training


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