Seize Multiple Opportunities with a Program Audit

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White papers - August 2, 2021

How long has it been since you audited your learning and development initiatives' content, delivery methods, and user experience? For far too many organizations, training is a one-and-done proposition. Once completed and rolled out, organizations fail to update and enhance training with the latest learning strategies and techniques.

Employees thrive when they feel well-supported and equipped to do their best work. This concept is known as the EVP –the employee value proposition–and L&D training is one of the best strategies for delivering on your EVP. Research has shown that companies who deliver on their EVP through innovative L&D strategies decrease their annual turnover by 73%. However, offering training isn't enough to support your EVP alone. You need to continuously evolve the training to appeal to different types of learners, combat information overload, and boost retention.

In this white paper, we'll walk you through the steps to design a training feedback survey, key points to remember as you audit your programs, and how to implement changes to benefit your employees and boost their success.

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