How To Increase Performance With Context-Based Learning

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White papers - May 9, 2021

When it comes to learning, content and curriculum are important. But equally important? Context. That is, the environment in which learners both gain and apply new knowledge. Context-based learning uses of real-life and fictitious examples in teaching and training to help promote learning through the actual, practical experience rather than just engaging with the concepts.

Context-based learning is collaborative, active, and engaging learning that helps learners connect with and retain skills. Ardent helps organizations intentionally build learning environments into custom courses that promote better learning outcomes. And with better learning comes better on-the-job performance and better results.

Creating hands-on, context-based learning solutions can keep teams connected and create more confident, resilient employees who can perform at the highest level. Download our free case study to find out how contextual learning environments can improve your L&D strategy and empower your learners.

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