Don’t Just Build Your Business Case for a Learning Platform. Prove It!

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eBooks - March 23, 2021

by Dr. Christian J. Weibell and Jon Tota

Learn how to put together an effective proposal that will not only convince decision-makers to sponsor your learning platform project and allocate budget but will also provide evidence that what you’re planning to do will actually work!

Going through this process will enable you to demonstrate your potential return on investment (ROI)—not just hypothetically, but with actual results. The Rockstar Learning Proof-of-Concept Model™ will also enable you to test specific measures of organizational improvement like reducing cost and inefficiency; increasing employee engagement, competence, and accuracy; elevating Net Promoter Scores; and increasing customer satisfaction.

The Rockstar Learning Proof-of-Concept Model™ is not limited to any specific learning platform technology or vendor and can even be used by those who already have a digital learning platform and are looking for ways to more fully leverage its value, change their learning paradigm, or innovate beyond their existing models and practice for learning and training.

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