Driving Business Value: 5 New L&D Thinking Habits for 2021

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Webinars - February 2, 2021

Laura Overton

Award-winning L&D Analyst, Facilitator, and Author
Towards Maturity

As we enter 2021, L&D teams have the opportunity to add new levels of business value into the continually changing world of work – but how do we cut through the noise and surface the priority actions that will deliver in YOUR workplace?

Join us for this presentation, led by Laura Overton, the driving force behind a global, 15-year research program, to uncover how learning innovation can improve business value. Most recently, Laura has been part of a team exploring how we can emerge stronger as a result of the challenges we have faced in 2020. Combining insights from global experts, and seasoned practitioners over the last 6 months with her research findings, she will share 5 new thinking habits to help practitioners at all levels work smarter and influence meaningful change.

Join us for this interactive presentation to explore:

  • Which of my thinking habits are keeping me chained to the past?
  • Influencing change - if I only do one thing differently—what should it be?
  • What practical approaches do I need to adopt or accelerate to increase business value?


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