The 3 Pillars of an Effective Learning Program

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eBooks - February 22, 2021

As today’s professionals compete in an ever-changing digital world, they rely on learning to advance their careers. For organizations, this means an unprecedented opportunity to help learners achieve their long-term goals while boosting business ROI.

To meet the expectations of modern learners and generate learning program revenue, organizations need a strategy that focuses on learner needs as well as organizational growth.

Unfortunately, many companies are still at the mercy of outdated traditional learning management systems and courses. Without incorporating learning science principles and modern learning methods such as gamification, social collaboration, and microlearning, you run the risk of a bad learning experience which results in high dropout rates, poor learner engagement, and ROI left on the table. However, all of these challenged can be mitigated by focusing on the three core pillars of an effective learning program: learner engagement, learner experience, and organizational revenue.

In this eBook, we offer strategies for incorporating these pillars into your own programs. By embracing these learning best practices, your organization can create more engaging, effective programs that support long-term success for your learners and your business.

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