Preventing the Organizational Digital Divide

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Webinars - November 11, 2020

Shannon Tipton

Learning Rebels

While L&D leaders met the urgent need to move more into a digital environment during the pandemic, some have thrived, but others have dived. Rapid conversions from the classroom to virtual and reliance on vast online libraries have left both learning leaders and learners with a severe case of content fatigue at best, and at worse on the brink of opening up a major digital divide.

How can L&D partner with the business to prevent a collapse of organizational social learning structures, focus on innovation and collaboration to prevent a digital divide? How can L&D step up to the plate and add value? 

In this session we will discuss how the divide is present in different technical skill levels of employees and this divide may be the main reason of slowed or delayed productivity or upskilling. How can L&D better partner with organizations to support employee’s immersion into the digital world, which can be at their disposal in any given situation? 

Here we will examine: 

  1. Is technology bringing us together or driving us apart? 
  2. How to focus on digital innovation and collaboration 
  3. How does L&D help bridge the divide while partnering with the business?

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