Creating Training Videos That Work: Best Practices & Pitfalls

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Webinars - November 5, 2020

Dalnaz Hasan

Video Specialist

Almost overnight, video has become today’s go-to medium within enterprises for everything from communication and knowledge sharing to delivering remote training. This sudden surge in video usage has caught many training teams by surprise.  To help, we are offering a few easy to learn techniques and strategies so that you can use video in the most effective ways.

Join our live webinar in which we will discuss some common enterprise challenges with using video and strategies on how to overcome them. 

In the webinar we will discuss:

  • What 10 things you may be doing the “old way” and why they are no longer necessary
  • How you can update and elevate your approaches to maximize the value of your video trainings
  • How using the right tools can help you easily scale your training initiatives across all your remote teams
  • How inside-video search technology improves productivity and learning
  • How to easily create and share new training videos


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