Improving Instructional Video Effectiveness: Insights Into Viewer Habits and Wants

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Webinars - September 29, 2020

Matthew Pierce

Learning & Video Ambassador

With more and more video being used in learning and development, it’s important that the videos being created are effective and helpful. Video, like many forms of media, aren’t inherently good or bad, and their effectiveness depends a lot on how you design them. During this session, we’ll draw from a study conducted by TechSmith to understand the characteristics of videos that were indicated by viewers as good. We’ll look at the components you should consider including in your videos, and those you might want to avoid. We’ll also look at the elements that are critical to signaling to your viewers that they should invest time in viewing watching your video. Finally, we’ll take a look at techniques and approaches to design and developing videos to make sure that the videos you’re creating are achieving their objectives.

When registering and allowing us to connect with you we’ll share our popular white paper on “Video Viewer Habits, Trends, And Statistics You Need To Know”.


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