How to Build a Vibrant Culture of Learning with a Remote Team

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eBooks - November 2, 2020

by Haley Wilson

More companies around the world are adopting remote work and realizing the benefits from it, including reduced expenses, increased productivity, and decreased turnover. It’s popular among employees, too, 43% of whom already work remotely in some capacity and 99% of whom would like remote work to be an option at least some of the time for the rest of their careers.

But for all the great things it can bring, it also comes with challenges like barriers to communication, fewer opportunities for ongoing learning, and a less vibrant company culture.

This playbook looks at four steps you can take toward building a culture of learning that maximizes each employee’s potential and gives remote workers access to the same professional development and skills-mapping support as those on-site.

We highlight:

  • Three challenges that accompany remote work 
  • How to build a vibrant culture of learning with your remote team 
  • Why modern learning is remote learning

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