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Webinars - July 22, 2020

Matthew Brown

VP of Learning and Brand Success

Bringing employees back to work with the right skills, competencies, and behaviors is mission-critical.

But what are the skills, competencies, and knowledge gaps that need to be filled? And, how can L&D teams work quickly to prepare, adapt, and mobilize employees to drive operational and process change while developing an agile learning culture as the business continuously evolves?

Join Matthew Brown, VP of Learning and Brand Success at Schoox, as he walks you through strategic ways organizations can effectively re-open so that employees re-enter with the right skills and competencies aligned to company goals and outcomes.

  • Understand how change management can support a successful reopening/reentry
  • Identify the critical role L&D plays in ushering in short-and-long-term change and how to tap into their talents
  • Identify vital employee skills and competencies necessary for re-opening and re-entry
  • Effectively facilitate short term change while mobilizing your workforce for long-term agility


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