Harnessing the Power of Informal Learning

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White papers - May 24, 2018

by Susan Jacobs with Ben Betts

Informal learning has become ubiquitous within organizations—and will most likely remain that way. Even with hours of eLearning and instructor-led courses, employees often find it easier and more effective to simply ask a coworker for information. With this knowledge, it is imperative that L&D professionals find the best way to adopt informal learning.

This paper, Harnessing the Power of Informal Learning, by Susan Jacobs with Ben Betts, will help you understand the benefits and challenges of informal learning, and will help you determine how you can apply informal learning in your organization. You will learn:

  • How to assign formal structure to informal learning
  • The difference between informal and formal learning
  • Where informal learning works best
  • Challenges when incorporating informal learning
  • Sixteen best practices any organization can adopt

Download this paper today and discover best practices for shifting your strategy to harness the potential of informal learning.


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