An Actionable Roadmap for Leadership Training

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White papers - March 15, 2018

by Susan Jacobs with Don Duquette and Craig Weiss

Great leaders don’t appear out of thin air. More often than not they are molded, and the process takes time and resources. With a heightened responsibility put on L&D professionals to successfully train organization leaders, it is important to have an actionable roadmap for smoothly executing training programs. L&D professionals and organizations can take advantage of various tools, techniques, and best practices when designing leadership training programs. Learn:

  • How an LMS can support leadership training
  • Why leadership training is important
  • Challenges when providing leadership training
  • The top training delivery methods to use
  • Nine best practices any organization can incorporate

This paper, An Actionable Roadmap for Leadership Training, by Susan Jacobs with Don Duquette and Craig Weiss, examines each of these topics in greater detail.


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