Combating Training Resistance with Stealth Microlearning and Adobe Captivate Prime

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Webinars - January 24, 2018

Allen Partridge

Head of Evangelism, Digital Learning Solutions
Adobe Systems

One of the universal truths of modern knowledge work environments is that everyone is pressed for time. The inevitable result is a persistent resistance to virtually every attempt at formal learning and training. More and more, L&D professionals are searching for methods to reach learners, even if it involves masking training as anything but training.

Join Dr. Allen Partridge of Adobe’s e-learning evangelism group for this live demonstration of Adobe Captivate Prime, the “headless” LMS. Learn how you can leverage this new technology to put learning materials directly at the point of need—embedding them right into your corporate intranet, your public-facing web spaces or even your own mobile apps.

Tracking and training don’t have to mean a trip to the LMS dungeons anymore. See for yourself how you can create amazing microlearning within your existing web experiences and entice your training-resistant personnel into a culture of learning experiences that feel more like support and less like punishment.

This product demo will provide insights into these questions:

  • How can a stealth learning approach help activate a culture of learning in your organization?
  • How can you leverage the embedded fluidic player in Adobe Captivate Prime for microlearning and point-of-need learning experiences?
  • How does motivation impact your learning culture? How is motivational theory applied to the mechanics of Adobe Captivate Prime?
  • How can you combine the power of skill-based learning with the stealth of microlearning?



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