Improving Engagement and Satisfaction in a New Learning Technology Era

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Webinars - November 29, 2017

Paul Leavoy

Senior Content Manager

Josh Squires


The learning technology landscape is not what it used to be. With an array of new tools and technologies at our disposal, the opportunities for learning and development are significant—but so too are the challenges. To address issues related to learner engagement and overall satisfaction with our learning tools, including our learning management systems, we must take a holistic view of he challenges and adopt a 360-degree learning technology strategy.

Join us for “Improving Engagement and Satisfaction in a New Learning Technology Era,” an exclusive presentation on this very subject. Docebo CLO, Josh Squires, and Senior Content Manager, Paul Leavoy will discuss how to address this new tech landscape to better understand:

  • The changing nature of the learning technology landscape in the 21st century
  • The challenges & opportunities this landscape presents for learners and L&D professionals alike
  • How to improve learner engagement and ensure the technologies you adopt are used and are effective, and more



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