The Microlearning Transformation: Understand How Behavior Change Really Works

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Webinars - August 17, 2016

Alex Khurgin

Director of Learning Innovation

Learning done right is an agent of change in the workplace. It elevates what people think and improves what they do every day. But a lot of learning isn’t done right. Often, it’s traditional training that focuses on transferring information. The kind of learning that helps employees—and their organizations—is transformation.

But what is transformation? Why is it desirable? Most importantly, how can you bring it to your organization? In this webinar, Grovo’s Director of Learning Alex Khurgin will spell out the answer. Rooted in microlearning and the science of behavior change, this presentation will guide you through a powerful, emerging theory of effective workplace learning. Led by one of the original and preeminent pioneers of microlearning, you’ll understand like never before how bite-sized content and the right learning approach can truly transform your workforce.

Join us for this webinar to see:

  • Learning transformation up close
  • How to change your employees’ behaviors and scale effective learning to your entire workforce
  • How microlearning can solve your specific business needs



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