Extending the Virtual Session Experience Beyond the Event

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Webinars - October 29, 2013

Martyn Lewis

Principal and Founder
3G Selling

There is an urgent need for learning professionals to transform from being the developers and deliverers of training events to being the architects of blended and continuous learning experiences.

The good news is that, now with the help of technology, we can free our learners from the confines of time and place. We can now transform learning from discrete events to a blended and continuous experience.

Learners can now gain new knowledge at their own pace and at times and in places that are not only convenient but are relevant to their work, enabling the integration of learning and doing, and the immediate application of new skills. When learning programs are transformed from discrete events to continuous learning experiences the impact on the learners and the results gained can be swift, significant, and sustainable.

In the webinar, Martyn Lewis will share:

  • Proven methods for architecting blended and continuous learning programs
  • Constructs for determining what should be live and what learning can be asynchronous
  • How to gain true learner engagement in these new styles of learning
  • Keys to change management in transforming learning
  • The 5 must do’s when developing new transformational learning programs



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