P06 Up the Quality, but Not the Cost, of Video-based Training

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Monday, November 14


The solo instructional designer often sacrifices quality for time and money when it comes to creating video-based training. It’s expensive to do device captures, run a teleprompter, use light boards, and illustrate ideas with graphics, but these ultimately create a better learning environment and should be a part of the workflow.

Lynda.com has been creating video-based training for over 20 years, and this session takes the Lynda.com video-creation process and refines it to a workflow that can be managed by a single person while not skimping on quality. This workshop will begin with data to help participants understand which bells and whistles in video training really matter to learners. Participants will set up a recording studio in the session that can accomplish their training goals. They will explore how to use minimal-cost devices and programs to create industry-leading video-based training. And finally, they will create a five-minute microlearning video to model the entire process.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to create a video-based recording studio using low-cost equipment
  • How to capture live action and screencast video that is high-quality
  • How to use a green screen for filming live action
  • How to set up a teleprompter for direct-to-camera filming
  • How to select the right microphone
  • How to use an iPhone or iPad for video capture

Novice and intermediate designers and developers.

Technology discussed in this session:
PowerPoint, Keynote, Captivate, Premiere Pro CC, Camtasia, ScreenFlick, iPhone, iPad, teleprompter apps and systems, microphones, preamps, and even a green screen.

Aaron Quigley

Content Manager, Education & Instructional Design


Aaron Quigley is a content manager for education and instructional design at Lynda.com. He holds an MS in education from the Johns Hopkins University, and he focused his graduate research on meeting the needs of diverse learners. Aaron has authored 16 Lynda.com courses, including “Flipping the Classroom” and “Captivate 8 Essential Training.” He also works with instructional experts around the globe to provide training for the skills needed to create effective learning. Previously, Aaron was a K-12 teacher, and he was a member of the 2014 Corporate Advisory Council for Bloomsburg University’s Department of Instructional Technology.

Matt Fishbach

Instructional Designer


Matt Fishbach, an instructional designer at Lynda.com, is a results-oriented senior producer and instructional designer for online learning systems. With more than 10 years of experience, he has worked on content for K-12 through undergrad. He uses his psychology background, an MA in science education, and three years of classroom teaching to stay targeted on effective learning outcomes while avoiding well-meaning but ineffective approaches. Matt has a particular passion for interaction design, which he has applied to projects including Carmen Sandiego learning games, LeapFrog smart toys, learning management systems with UC Berkeley and Time To Know, and online courses and LMS tools with Lynda.com and LinkedIn.

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