GS1 KEYNOTE: Designing the Future

8:30 AM - 10:00 AM Wednesday, June 8

Lone Star A-E

We’re entering a new era, one in which designers create experiences centering not only on physical objects but on the fabric of digital information that surrounds us. When a social network automatically checks us into a location, or cashiers can suggest new products based on our purchase history, or our connected TV calls up our favorite shows when we walk into the living room, it may seem like magic. But these are carefully designed experiences; they simply appear invisible. That’s the next great challenge for designers of learning experiences: weaving the threads of time, technology, information, and access seamlessly and elegantly into learning the same way designers are building them into our everyday lives. In this fascinating opening keynote, Scott Dadich takes you on a journey that focuses on the future of intertwining technologies, designs, and behaviors, a future that will bring incredible changes to the ways we live, work, and learn.

Scott Dadich

Former Editor-in-Chief

WIRED Magazine

Scott Dadich is a co-CEO and founder of Godfrey Dadich Partners, and a former editor-in-chief of WIRED magazine. He also served the brand as a creative director, leading it to three consecutive National Magazine Awards in design and overseeing the development of WIRED’s groundbreaking iPad app. As editor-in-chief from 2012 to 2017, Mr. Dadich spearheaded the launch of WIRED’s first-ever design retreat; secured an exclusive interview with one of the world’s most wanted men, Edward Snowden; and collaborated on special issues with Bill Gates and filmmaker Christopher Nolan. Under his leadership, WIRED was recognized with eight National Magazine Award nominations, five Webby Awards, and 12 Society of Publication Designers medals; his body of work has been recognized with over 100 national design and editorial awards. He has served on the board of directors for the American Society of Magazine Editors, the Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Design Council, and the nonprofit People’s Portfolio.

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