306 Improving Your Bottom Line with VR

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Tuesday, June 26


You don’t have to look very long to find reports and studies that say there is widespread dissatisfaction with the learning function inside organizations around the world. A 2017 study found that 91 percent of learning and development professionals believe new approaches to learning and new technologies are needed. And as the workplace continues its rapid changes, the need to upskill and develop employees has never been greater.

Enter virtual reality, which has become the solution to corporate learning’s problems. In its infancy as a new technology, VR has drastically improved the way individuals learn and retain information. In this session, STRIVR VP of product Yelena Drabkin will discuss how employee training can be accelerated and improved upon using VR technology. In this session, you’ll learn why some of the world’s biggest companies are turning to VR to train their workforce, the science behind VR, and why it’s such a great fit for learning, as well as the importance of the data insights VR provides.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The data that proves VR to be a highly effective learning tool
  • Why VR is a great tool for workplace L&D
  • Why VR is such a powerful training tool
  • How STRIVR is utilizing VR for effective learning


Managers and senior leaders (directors, VPs, CLOs, executives, etc.).

Technology discussed in this session:

VR (Oculus).

Yelena Drabkin

VP of Product Management


Yelena Drabkin, the vice president of product management for STRIVR, has 15 years of product management experience. She draws on experience as a startup co-founder with deep product management knowledge combined with large-scale product execution expertise from Fortune 500 companies. Prior to STRIVR, Yelena led global product and development teams at Simplee, building pain-free healthcare payment options for patients. Her prior experience includes management consulting at Accenture and leading consumer on-boarding and engagement in PayPal and eBay. She is very passionate about promoting women in technology; after moving to the Bay Area, she spent several years volunteering with Women 2.0, supporting startups with at least one female founder.

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