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Google Cardboard is a great and convenient way to not only experience VR right at your fingertips, but also extend your learning by getting hands-on with the technology. Below are some recommended apps you can download to get started using your very own Google Cardboard.


Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR (Android Only):

Experience the historic moon landing like never before via this app, which is a great example of VR as a tool for learning.

A Chair in a Room (Android Only):

If you like horror movies, this app shows how VR can take the thrill of a scary movie to new heights.

The Franklin Institute Mobile App (main app site):

In addition to being great for touring the museum itself, this app also features a number of VR experiences that enable science experiences from around the world.

Cardboard Camera (iOS and Android):

This app allows you to create and view your own VR photos with a snippet of sound for quick, user-gen VR experiences.

Cardboard Design Lab (Android only):

Designed to help developers use this new technology better, this educational app gives you tips on how to begin designing a great VR app experience.

Coastiality (main app site):

Immerse yourself in virtual worlds offered by theme parks around the world. Ride your favourite rollercoaster again and again or experience impressive events as often as you like.

Discovery VR (main app site):

If you’re looking for examples of how VR can go beyond gimmicks and actually enhance educational content in a meaningful way, this app from Discovery could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Google Arts and Culture (iOS and Android):

Explore how museums are using VR technology to make their work more engaging and widely accessible through digital exhibits and tours.

Google Expeditions (main app site):

This app allows for guided VR tours. Intended for K-12 classroom use, it also shows the potential for guided VR experiences for learning and performance.

Google Spotlight Stories (iOS and Android):

Google has worked with some of the best storytellers to create unique stories in VR. If you’re a fan of The Simpsons, be sure to check out the VR Couch Gag!

Google Street View (main app site):

Take a virtual field trip almost anywhere in the world with Google Street View. Once a location is found, choose the VR viewing option to transport yourself there.

Jaunt VR (main app site):

Jaunt collects the best of cinematic virtual reality all in one place.

New York Times VR (main app site):

Put yourself at the center of New York Times stories in a whole new way, via a number of an immersive virtual-reality experiences.

Proton Pulse (iOS and Android):

Do you remember playing Breakout in the arcade or on your Atari? You may think you know how to play brick-breaking games, but playing on in VR is a totally different experience.

VirtualSpeech (iOS and Android):

If public speaking makes you queasy, this VR experience can help. It gives you a simulated audience to practice speaking to and can even coach you on your performance.

Within (main app site):

Within gives you access to a library of story-based VR films giving you the opportunity to explore the expanding potential of immersive storytelling

YouTube (YouTube VR Channel):

Browse the curated content on YouTube’s own VR channel, or just search around for what Google Cardboard-compatible content others have uploaded.