Getting Started in eLearning

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February 13, 2020

by Catherine Lombardozzi

eLearning has become an essential tool within the learning and development industry and constantly evolves depending on new technologies and ever-changing business environments. With eLearning on the rise, it may be time to start looking into taking your eLearning skills to the next level.

In Getting Started in eLearning, Catherine Lombardozzi examines credible resources from The eLearning Guild designed to help kick-start one’s professional growth in the eLearning field. Because eLearning has become vital tool for learning professionals, several white papers, research reports, and archive material have been curated into a convenient list so you can find available tools and resources to help you in your future learning projects!

Here are a few of the resources covered in this eBook:

  • Articles for professional and personal development
  • Research reports on instructional design
  • Articles and interviews on corporate digital learning

Download your free copy today to start exploring an array of articles, research reports, interviews, and more that could help you cultivate new learning strategies!

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